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The goal is to create a loose organization of players from EVERY shard who are willing to help play bit characters, townsfolk, quest characters, fortune tellers, pirates, orcs, savages, whatever is needed. Our main purpose is not to be a Seer like organization, actually running events on all the shards, but rather an enabler for existing organizations to field large groups of players for their own events. In short, I see it as a RolePlaying/Event Temp Service. You need bodies? We have bodies.

How it Works

Members in the Alternates generally do not provide backup for their own shards. Instead, they use their open character slots on OTHER shards to create characters as needed for specific events and quests. If a member has open slots on their own shard, then they are welcome to use them as well, but out goal is to make full use of our empty character slots by solidifying a group of players cross shard to work together for everyone's benefit. Members of the Alternates can certainly make use of the resources for their own shard as well, and in fact we expect that MOST potential members will make use of the program from both sides. They will provide support for other's quests just as they are running their own.

Nobody is on a schedule, but if you RSVP to participate in an event we would certainly appreciate if you showed up to do so. We will be building specific tools to send reminders of events you have signed up for, so most of this should be relatively simple.

Almost any type of player could be useful in something like this, from RPers, PvMers, PvPers, even Crafters. There is no telling what type of events or quests we might get called for, so having a rich and diverse background would be very helpful. I would expect that we will likely see most of our calls separate into two categories:

  • RPing characters.
  • Bad/Good Guy Canon Fodder.

Since all of these characters are basically newbies, it isn't like we would give much of a fight. For some of you dedicated PvPers, you might look at it as an interesting challenge. Can my newbie Warrior kill someone else? *chuckles*

Joining the Alternates

Joining, for now, is just a concept. If the idea is favorably received and we get about 50 people who are willing to sign on (which we will gauge by replies to this thread), then I will make a set of forums specially for the Alternates on their own web site. To join, you would simply register an account on the forums and fill in your contact information. ICQ, Yahoo, AIM, MSN, email, etc. With that information, we will be able to send out reminder notices for upcoming events, as well as having an internal calendar for staff use to show what we are doing, where, and who is needed. All in all, it is a relatively simplistic production.

Each shard will have an Alternates stone, for use in Trammel/Malas oriented PvP conflicts. Wars will be declared on this stone ONLY for the night of the event, so as to prevent misunderstandings. I am not really certain how much threat a guild of newbie characters would be to anyone anyways, but better safe then sorry! *chuckles*

Using the Alternates

To use the alternates, all you would need is an idea, equipment for our people, and means to provide transportation to the event. Bringing us home afterwards is not needed unless you plan to run multiple events with the same bit characters. You would write up a post on our forums with the necessary information, provide your contact info, and we'd get back to you with what we can help with. It would be that simple.

When a player on shard ____ has a need for some actors from our group, they post on our forum requesting them. They are responsible for providing us with armor, clothing, weaponry, transportation, and scripts (if there are any). If they need people to play specific roles, then they request those as well. For example:

Sample Request Post

We are hosting a guild event on Pacific, Monday, September 08, 2003, at 9pm PST. We need help with a number of roles.

  • Orc Chieftain with lines.
  • Two Orc Lords, with lines.
  • About 10 Orc warriors.
  • One Royal Guard for Lord British (with lines).

PvP is part of the quest, and we plan to kill everyone. We will meet with the Alternates at the Haven Bank and provide gates to our staging area at 8 to 8:30pm PST, where we will equip you and provide you with specific details. For the speaking roles, we can provide your lines ahead of time, if you need them. Email me at myemail@emailplace.com.

Please make all names Orc like, for example "Kaug'ub" and such. If you have any other questions, contact me at myemail@emailplace.com.

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From there, members of the Alternates would reply with RSVP's for the event, show up at the appropriate time, and have some fun doing it!

Expanding the Concept

This sort of program could easily be extended to HOSTING events and quests on other shards, as well as facilitating them. For now, I am focusing on the enabling aspect, as I feel it would be an easier "Stage 1" operation, but it is entirely likely that we might push the extent of our focus to actively running our own quest & story lines. We'll see what the future holds.

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