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  • Development Highlights
  • 12 years experience playing MMOGs, and 28 years playing Video Games
  • Vocal proponent of community development
  • Hobby level skills in scripting for various games
  • Extensive experience in simplifying complex work flows in web-based applications
  • Deep understanding of user objectives, user scenarios, key product strategy, point of differentiation, usability principles, web applications framework, and the development of a product road map
  • Expert understanding of methods for designing easy-to-use interfaces, including user and task analysis, information architecture, interface design, heuristic evaluation, and usability testing
  • Strong communication, analytical, and interpersonal skills working within cross-functional teams

Hobby Experience

Throughout my time as a community activist, I was a constant advocate for the development of community specific features. I have dabbled with Torque, Ogre, NWN, and various FPS applications over the years, in an attempt to better understand the development process. Though I would hesitate to classify myself as a mapper or level designer, I believe that my skills are strong enough to handle most basic scripting needs.

Essays on Development

While I do not expect to be hired on as a Designer, I am very passionate about what I believe is the future of MMOGs, and have written extensively on the subject in various user groups, forums, and email lists. Here are a few of the essays I have written:

Design Concepts

These are stand alone concepts, either to enhance a specific area of game play or to add some additional versatility.

Design Docs

These are more complete proposals, the first a MMOG World concept I am puttering around with, and the second a revision of crafting for UO.

Interest Groups/Associations

As an advocate of community-centric development, I have been an active participant in several online development communities, including the now defunct MUD-Dev List. Here are a few of the forums, newsgroups, and email lists that I frequent:

Download Section Content

If you would like to download this page, including all samples and associated materials, I have also provided them in a printed format.

Development Philosophy

I am well versed in game theory, especially in how it relates to the MMOG genre. I am familiar with the application of Agile Software Development, Lean Software Development, Rapid Application Development, Continuous Integration Development, Scrum Sessions, and Extreme Programming, on a both theoretical and practical scale.

Though I do not believe I have the skills to become a Game Designer (yet), I am confident that my experience and knowledge would be a valuable asset in scrum sessions and general round table discussions. I believe that with the right guidance and instruction that my knowledge of game development could be taken from the theoretical to the practical, and I am very excited to see that happen. To quote Ken Levine, "A great idea is meaningless. A great idea that leverages your existing technology, gets the team excited, is feasible to do on time and budget, is commercially competitive, and, last but not least, floats the boat of a major publisher... Now you have something."

I know I have some decent ideas, now I just the experience, team, and technology to make them feasible. Perhaps I will find those with your studio.

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Next up, some of my various CREATIVE works.