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Glory is the reason why people play online; shame is what keeps them from playing online. Neither is possible without other people being present.
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Welcome to Michael Patino's Portfolio

I have prepared a summary of both my practical and whimsical experience, divided by category, for you to evaluate as a potential Community Manager for your team. It is my hope that they will provide you with a clear image of both who I am, and what I can provide as a participant in your grand adventure.

Traditionally, Community Managers exist as a Liaison between the various departments in a studio and the players. As part of their daily duties, they must be able to relate to marketing, web development, designers, programmers, support staff, testers, and of course the players themselves. With that in mind, I have developed my portfolio to showcase my experience within these various fields and how they might directly apply to my understanding of my fellow team member's work loads and responsibilities. I believe that my background has cultivated a unique mix of knowledge and skills that could be leveraged for the betterment of your studio's community, should I be given the opportunity.

If you would like to contact me directly, I have provided several options. If I am online, you will see a chat interface in the bottom right corner of every screen on the web site with the text "Questions? Click here" or "Chat with Mike" if you have already initiated a chat previously. Click on it and it will open a chat window, where you may message me directly. For more details on the chat interface, or to access other contact methods, click on the CONTACT menu option in the top right corner.

The Layout

The format for this portfolio was developed from artwork from a host of my favorite MMORPGs, as well as some original contributions of my own. Why? Well, I figured it would get your attention over a standard resume on someone's desk, as well as illustrating the breadth of my Gaming interests. However, if you would prefer to just download my resume, any of the referenced essays/articles/samples/documents, or the entire content of this web site (including all referenced materials, cover letter, and resume), I have provided them in Adobe PDF format.

PDF downloads are noted by the Adobe PDF Download icon.

To access the download section, click on the DOWNLOADS menu button in the top right and select the required files. If you would prefer to just download my resume, it can be accessed from the box to the left of the content scroll.

At the bottom of each page is a link to the "next" page in my portfolio, but feel free to use the top menu to jump around the site, if you wish. Following the listed sequence, however, should lead you through a comprehensive examination of my skill and abilities as they apply to the Gaming industry.

Why Bother?

As an avid Gamer and community activist/media source, I have had the pleasure of meeting developers from many different studios. I was continually impressed by the passion that inspired so much of their work. They truly believed in what they were doing, and their excitement was a tangible energy when speaking with them. So in preparing my portfolio, I thought to include enough of my past experiences to impart something of the same caliber. It is my hope that I will be able to include enough of who I am, where I have been, and what I might offer to your studio.

Why I Believe the Gaming Industry is a Good Fit

As someone who has hired dozens of employees, I believe that it is important to answer at least two questions of any prospective employee in the hiring process.

  • Does the candidate have the necessary skills to be a productive member of your team?
  • WHY does the candidate want to work with your team?

I believe my portfolio and resume will prove that I have the abilities to produce, but all the talent and work experience in the world counts for nothing if the individual is unmotivated. So here are the reasons I am making the gaming industry, and possibly your studio, my new employer.

  • As industries go, Game Development is a very new entry. As technology and development studios evolve, I believe that there will be extremely rewarding opportunities developing over a wide variety of gaming interests.
  • As a passionate proponent of community centric development, I would like a position where I can help create the tools, philosophy, and skills that will push online socialization into it's next evolutionary stage of development.
  • As an avid fan of Video Games, I would love a position that helps bring worlds to life.
  • There is a lot of opportunity for guerrilla and viral marketing that has not been tapped by the gaming industry. For example, the Secret World viral campaign was a beautiful work of art, if somewhat pre-emptive.
  • As a self-motivated "go getter", I love challenges. As a business process consultant, I currently make a living off of being the "go to" guy, but my clients are all standard business models. As a member of your studio's team, solving those challenges would also mean I was contributing the health of a gaming community I cared about. Now that's an awesome reason to roll out of bed with a smile on your face.
  • Simply put, I love working in the game industry. The experiences I have had were excellent, and I am looking for more.

So that is why I wish to work for your studio, now I just need to convince you that I could be a valuable member of your team. So just click on the community link in the bottom right and we shall get started.

First on the agenda, my skills in the COMMUNITY Relations field.